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Personal Statement| Example 1

Personal Statement| Example 1

Personal Statement| Computer Science

     Using logic to be able to solve complex problems has always been a source of enjoyment for me. The more complex the problem, the more satisfaction I receive from solving it into its parts and integrating solutions to address each piece of the puzzle. This type of love of problem solving is what drew me to the field of computer science in the first place, and over the years, it has allowed me to develop my skills in multiple programming tools that give me enhanced access to the tools I need to address everyday issues. I am applying to this program in Computer Science because I believe that furthering my education in the field will allow me to become a more effective and efficient software developer in the future.

     My love for computer science and programming started early in my life, and my experiences with its applications in all aspect of life have shown me what truly versatile tool it is. Not only have I used it for my projects, but it also has allowed me to expand my horizons and visions to large projects with companies. At my current position as a junior software engineer, I work as a part of a team to develop safe and effective applications for organizing large datasets and retrieving important information while also ensuring compatibility with current company systems. My experiences have given me a broader perspective on the effectiveness and potential of software design in all aspects of life, and I look forward to continuing to enhance that vision through continuing education in the field.

     This opportunity to pursue and advanced degree in computer science is particularly appealing to me due to my ability to work part-time while also gaining new knowledge that I can apply to my daily work responsibilities. I believe that knowledge is the best reinforced through practice, and I know that this academic program will give me the opportunity to put my skills to real-world use through relevant projects and the ability to partner with corporations to tackle corporate tasks. Through completion of this program in computer science, I hope to bring my passion for the field and its potential and take it to the next level, enhancing both my knowledge as well as my future.
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