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Personal Statement| Example 2

Personal Statement| Example 2

Personal Statement| For Nursing School

     Watching my grandmother strain in pain was something that disheartened me every day. Suffering from chronic diabetes, she demanded a lot of attention, and considering her old age; it was time-consuming to keep a close eye on her. Sometimes, she was unable to more from one point to another, other times necessitating us to rush her to the hospital, taking care of her until she got well. One day while taking her to the clinic, I was intrigued by the reception that the attending doctor gave us. He made us sit in the office, and allowed grandma to gie a detailed account of how she was feeling. Step by step, she wrote the history and directed us to the admission nurse. Again, the care that she was given at the ward was beyond my expectation. Starting from dressing her, to assisting in feeding, drug administrations and others were conducted professionally, something that ignited my spirit to help the people in need.

     My interest to pursue a career in nursing was largely contributed to by what I witnessed while taking my grandmother to the hospital. The nurses were so much involved in helping the older adults, which improved my motivation to seek a career related to this field. Also, with basic knowledge of science form previous biology class, I got attracted to human and how the drugs interact with the human body. Over the year, my huge concern has been how people with chronic disease can survive, but I later learned that nurses play an instrumental role in ensuring they became stable. The desire to venture into a career in the medical field looms large in my mind. As I recall back, I volunteered in community work, where we formed a group to help the undeserved people. Our role was to help them with home chores, and maintaining their cleanliness.  Through this experience, I have learned the importance of service of humanity and developed a positive attitude towards improving the lives of the people. Therefore, getting admission to your school will train me into a seasoned and tenured profession in the field of nursing.

    I am confident that I will achieve my goal, of becoming a nurse, who will offer help to people in pain. My goal is to work in a bust hospital and especially help the elderly, similar to what I witnessed my grandmother receiving quality services in my presence. Your school will help me to achieve this goal of mine. 
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