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Fully Funded EPFL Scholarship in Switzerland 2021| Free scholarships

 Fully Funded EPFL Scholarship in Switzerland 2021

Free scholarships

Now all students from all over the world and all Arab students who wish to obtain free scholarships can apply for free grants offered in one of the best European countries at all, which is Switzerland. The EPFL Institute in Switzerland offers free scholarships and fully funded grants for all students wishing to study in Europe and obtain a high level of education through scholarships provided by the institutions that wish to include students.

Free scholarships and fully funded scholarships in general are the best means and ways through which students can reach their goals and achieve their dreams by studying in foreign countries, which offer free scholarships that help them, get job opportunities and a bright future.

The EPFL Scholarship provides a free scholarship that covers all tuition and housing costs in addition to a monthly stipend, as well as a completely free course to learn the French language. You can also work alongside the study. You can also travel between the European Union countries.


Scholarship details

         Host country: Switzerland

         Donor: EPFL Institute

         Academic stages: Masters

         All students from all over the world and all Arab students can apply for this scholarship

         There is no specific age for applying to the scholarship

         An English language certificate is not compulsory

         Deadline to apply for the scholarship: April 15, 2021


Faculties and majors available

         College of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering

         Computer and Communication Sciences

         Basic Sciences


         Life science

         Faculty of Humanities

         College of Management of Technology


Benefits of scholarship and funding

         It covers all study costs

         Provides an annual stipend and capacity of 16,000 Swiss francs for all accepted students

         Availability of free housing

         The grant provides a course to learn the French language, before the start of the study

         You can work alongside the study


Who can apply for the scholarship?

         If you are in the last grade of a bachelor’s degree (university studies), you can apply for this scholarship

         If you have already obtained a bachelor’s degree (undergraduate study), you can apply for this scholarship


Required Documents

                     A copy of the passport

                     A graduation certificate and a statement of bachelor’s degrees (university studies) if you have already graduated

                     Proof of enrollment in the last grade of a bachelor’s degree (university studies) and a transcript of degrees for the previous academic years


                     Motivational speech

                     3 letters of recommendation (3 persons must be entered)

                     Language certificate (if applicable)


To apply for the scholarship directly from here

The official website of the scholarship isfrom here

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