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SIIT Scholarship 2021 in Thailand 2021| Fully Funded


SIIT Scholarship 2021 in Thailand 2021| Fully Funded

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SIIT Scholarship 2021 in Thailand 2021| Fully Funded

Thailand offers free scholarships to get a free opportunity to receive a higher education level, and scholarships in a working form are among the best means that all students seek at the present time. The SIIT scholarship is one of the best scholarships offered in Thailand for the year 2021. Fully funded scholarships do not require English language certificate 2021.

Now applications are open for the SIIT Scholarship 2021 in Thailand. SIIT is an acronym for Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology. These are considered the best scholarships for international students. Also, you are not required to pay any final fees. Because it is a fully funded scholarship for international students. Then Sirindhon International Scholarships is located in the heart of Thailand. It is also one of the best recognized universities in Thailand.

Moreover, it is a fully funded scholarship in Thailand. SIIT Scholarships in Thailand for Excellent International Students (EFS) for Masters / PhD study. There are many different programs that can be studied.

It is not necessary to take an English language test. Therefore, IELTS / TOEFL or any other language test is not required for this scholarship. Applications for the SIIT Scholarship 2021 are available online. You can apply even if you do not have an English language proficiency test. In addition, the duration of study for the master is 2 years, for the doctoral program - 3 years.


Scholarship details

·        Host country: Thailand

·        Donor: Sirindorn International Institute of Technology

·        University Name: Sirindorn International Institute of Technology

·        Academic stages: Masters and PhD

·        Type of Scholarship: Fully funded

·        All students from all over the world and all Arab students can apply for this scholarship

·        An English language certificate is not a mandatory requirement

·        Deadline to apply for the scholarship: March 15, 2021


Faculties and majors available

·        Electrical Engineering, Energy Technology / Management

·        Engineering Management

·        Environmental Engineering / Science / Technology / Management

·        Industrial engineering and logistics management

·        Information Technology

·        Biochemical Engineering / Biochemistry

·        Chemical Engineering

·        Civil Engineering

·        Computer Engineering

·        Engineering Management

·        Engineering of logistics and supply chain systems

·        Technology management

·        Materials Engineering / Science / Technology

·        Mechanical Engineer

·        Information and communication technology for embedded systems

·        digital engineering


Benefits of scholarship and funding

SIIT Scholarship It is a fully funded scholarship in Thailand. It includes all the following features:

·        Guaranteed coverage of all expenses.

·        It covers all round-trip travel costs.

·        Covers all tuition fees.

·        Living allowance of 10,000 THB per month. (Equivalent to 333 US dollars)

·        Visa fee of 10,000 baht, airport taxes will be provided. (Equivalent to 333 US dollars)

·        Health and accident insurance will be offered in the course of the scholarship.


Required Documents

·        Statement of purpose * (at least one page of the purpose statement)

·        Resume or CV *

·        To apply for a master's degree

·        A copy of a graduation certificate and a bachelor’s degree transcript with a GPA of no less than. 2.75 (if you want to apply for an undergraduate program)

·        Citizen ID card or passport *

·        Research paper, publication or testimonials (if applicable)

·        Recent photo (1 x 1.5 in. Jpeg only) *

·        Any supporting certificates, such as certificates obtained from courses, training, or volunteer work

·        Letters of recommendation *

To apply for a doctoral degree:

·        A copy of the bachelor’s degree and a copy of the master’s degree with the GPA. 3.50

·        Certificate of English Proficiency Test as follows (if applicable)

·        Note: The applicant can apply online although there is no certificate for English Proficiency Test.


The official website of the scholarship is from here

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