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University of Transylvania Scholarships in Romania 2021| Free scholarships

 University of Transylvania Scholarships in Romania 2021

Free scholarships

Study in Europe

University of Transylvania Scholarships in Romania 2021| Free scholarships

Free scholarships and fully-funded grants are one of the most important ways that all students are looking for a high-level education and also free of charge, as the scholarships provide tuition fees, free accommodation, a monthly stipend, and other advantages that students seek to obtain.

Students from all over the world and all Arab students seek free scholarships and fully funded scholarships in one of the European countries. Romania offers one of the best scholarships that all students await. Besides the Romanian government scholarship to study bachelor's, master's and doctorate, Romania also offers free scholarships, which is the University of Transylvania scholarship. The University of Transylvania Scholarships is one of the most important free scholarships offered in Romania in Europe, as it is a free scholarship offered to all students wishing to study bachelors, masters and doctorates.

The University of Transylvania Scholarship is a free and excellent scholarship as it provides all tuition fees, provides a monthly stipend, and provides free housing for all the upcoming students on the scholarship. The University of Transylvania scholarship does not require an English language certificate, meaning you do not require TOEFL or IELTS. You can also study in English, Romanian or German.

The University of Transylvania scholarship is a free scholarship and a fully-funded scholarship in the State of Romania in Europe. Do not miss the opportunity and hurry to apply for the University of Transylvania scholarship.


Scholarship Information:

         The Transylvania Academic Scholarship is designed as a competition for international students from countries outside the European Union or outside the European Economic Area.

Scholarship goals:

         To attract international students to study at the University of Transylvania

         To form a group of "ambassadors" of the University of Transylvania and thus increase the international visibility of our institution


Scholarship details

                     Host country: Romania

                     Donor: University of Transylvania

                     University Name: University of Transylvania

                     Academic stages: Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees

                     Language of study: English, Romanian or German

                     All students from all over the world and all Arab students can apply for this scholarship

                     An English language certificate is not required

                     Deadline to apply for the scholarship: April 27, 2021

                     Submissions evaluation: 03.05.2021 - 26.05.2021

                     Approval of the list of shortlisted candidates: 27.05.2021 - 28.05.2021

                     Announcement of selected candidates via e-mail: 31.05.2021


Faculties and majors available







                     social science

                     computer science





You can view all the colleges and majors available through the university’s official website from here


Scholarship benefits

The scholarship covers all tuition fees (including registration and graduation fees)

         A monthly salary of $ 170

         Free accommodation in university housing

         Travel expenses and visa costs to Romania will be covered by the candidate.


Required Documents

         The application file includes the following documents (in PDF format) to be uploaded into the online application form:

         Curriculum Vitae (with mention of the candidate's most notable achievements) (You can see how to write a CV in an academic and professional manner with an Example - Form from here)

         A letter of motivation (one page maximum)

         Three letters of recommendation to support the candidate.

Important note: Submission of all documents in English is mandatory for admission of candidates to the competition. Incomplete files will be rejected. No document can be added to the file after the submission deadline.


Very important notes

Duration of the scholarship:

         The scholarship is awarded for the full attendance of Bachelor's, Master's, or studies of candidates accepted for studies at the University of Transylvania.

         Students ’complete passage of each academic year is a condition for obtaining the scholarship for the following year of study.

Study language:

         English: You can study in English without the need to present an English language certificate

         Romanian: You can study in Romanian, as there are many colleges and majors available that can be studied in the Romanian language (a Romanian language proof must be presented)

         German: You can study in German (you must present a German language certificate)


The official website of the scholarship is from here

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